Chester County Art Gallery

There's nothing quite like the thrill of walking into an art gallery and exploring the hand-crafted wonders inside. You never know until you've entered what treasures you might come across or how the various sculptures and paintings might surprise and move you. 

The best part? Unlike what you'll find at an art museum, you can purchase and take your favorite pieces home with you!

At Ivystone Studio, we proudly display lovingly crafted works that are sure to astonish and inspire. We have something for everyone, whether you're an art aficionado looking to add a few pieces to your collection, a gift-giver looking for that perfectly unique present for a loved one, or a curious window-shopper interested in perusing some beautiful and fascinating art. Visit our Chester County art gallery today!

Sculpture Art

We house sculpture art by artists from all over the country fashioned from a wide variety of materials, including stone, metal, wood, bone, and mixed media. Wander through our art studio to discover masterfully hand-crafted forms created in every style imaginable, from the masterfully naturalistic to the entrancingly surreal and abstract.

Wall Art

Our collection of wall art is impeccably curated, with representation across the scope of two-dimensional media. There are styles to match any aesthetic, whether you want your new piece to pop off the walls or blend seamlessly into its surroundings.


Do you have a loved one who favors unique and exquisite jewelry? Need a truly eye-catching accessory for your next special event? You'll be blown away by the selection of one-of-a-kind jewelry available at our Chester Country art gallery, hand-crafted by our phenomenally talented artists.


For those interested in the scintillating new intersection of decentralized finance and fine art collection, this is for you. We are beyond excited to announce our upcoming collaboration with renowned pop artist, Mike Bell, to display and sell several of his original pieces as NFTs. We look forward to expanding the NFT collection at our gallery as the popularity of this exciting new frontier in financial security continues to grow.

Something Enrapturing for Everyone

Wandering through an art gallery for the first time, you're never quite sure what you might discover. When you take the time to visit Ivystone Studio, we guarantee you'll be met with selections that will sweep you off your feet with their ingenuity and beauty. Visit our art studio in Chester County, PA for a one-of-a-kind browsing experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Love the atmosphere of our creative art studio? We rent it out for private events in Downingtown! Inquire today to learn more.