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Custom Wall Art

Browse our custom wall art gallery for one-of-a-kind pieces. Featuring works from over 100 artists in the Chester County, PA area, each piece of unique wall art is the perfect way to do your shopping online while still supporting a local artist.

Find Unique Pieces in Any Style

Each piece of designer wall art is original, providing buyers with their own custom wall art and a great conversation starter.
Our unique wall art pieces are incredibly versatile, including everything from colorful landscapes to abstract designs, each lovingly created by our selection of creatives. No matter your personal taste or your preferred style, you’ll be able to find something that captures your attention.

Perfect for Your Home or as Gifts

They are also perfect for starting your very own stunning wall art gallery, or simply featuring one as a statement piece. They also make great gifts for friends and family. Being able to pick out a custom piece of art is a great way to show someone you care, and is a great alternative to simply buying something mundane at the store.

Support Local Artists

There is something truly special about supporting your local artists and being able to feature their work in your home. Anyone can visit a local chain store and buy mass-produced prints. Choosing to invest in a piece of local, unique designer wall pieces is a great experience that not only helps support the community but emerging creatives as well.

Not only is the piece you choose a beautiful work, but it offers more cultural relevance to the area and gives a deeper meaning when you display it in your home.

Learn More about Ivystone’s Collection

Learn more about shopping for our local wall art, including gallery updates, event alerts, and more. At Ivystone Studio, you can shop a variety of works all in one place — it’s both an easy and fun way to support your local creative community.