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Sculpture Art

Sculpture art is one of the oldest forms of expression, having originated in ancient Greece as long ago as 800 BC. It allows an artist to create a meaningful piece that exists in three-dimensional space.

It is an ancient and renowned architectural form and can be made from various mediums, from chiseled marble to wood or even wire. Through the years, this three-dimensional art form has taken on several different styles that vary from realistic to abstract or to more modern imitations of life, like contemporary sculpture.

We put together some of the most important information that you might need to know about this art style and its various mediums in the modern world!

Wood Sculpture

Wood offers this technique an elegant and raw form of architecture, as an organic medium is used to create the piece.
From an engineering point of view, wood is a very interesting material, as it has the tendency to gain flexibility and malleability if it is soaked in water but regains rigidity when dry.

This makes it a desirable medium for this art form, as the artist will be able to mold the material easily in the right conditions. Wood allows for a mix of old-style mediums with any type of contemporary sculpture style that an artist prefers.

Metal Sculpture

A metal sculpture is a distinctive type of beauty that typically is crafted from sets of wires wound together. The particular metal used for the piece depends on the nature of the art that the creator wants.

Some of the most common materials are aluminum, steel, copper, and bronze because they possess the right balance of flexibility and rigidity.

Wall Sculpture Art

Wall sculpture art is unique because the goal is to create a piece of beauty in a three-dimensional space that can still lie flat on a wall.
This may seem counterintuitive, but the idea is that this piece can be placed on a wall without blocking the entire wall and allowing the wall to be seen through the art. This is very popular in contemporary sculpture styles that thrive on minimalism.

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Making architectural pieces is a unique form of architecture that allows an artist to express themselves in a manner that cannot be compared with two-dimensional art.

With all the styles and techniques available to an artist, there are limitless opportunities for creativity and advancement in sculpture art. Learn more about how you can get beautiful pieces from various mediums from Ivystone Studio. We carry all sorts of wall sculpture art from various local artists.
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