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  • $15,000.00
Will Dexter "Dichroic Teal Boat" (Medium)
  • $1,130.00
Will Dexter "Dichroic Peacock Boat" (Small)
  • $665.00
Will Dexter "Dichroic Boat" (Jumbo)
  • $3,990.00
Steve Spence "Glass Rose With Stand"
  • $250.00

Sold out

Custom Borosilicate UV Brandy Glass
  • $0.00

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Custom Borosilicate UV Whiskey Glass
  • $0.00

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Custom Borosilicate UV Pint Glass / Cocktail Glass
  • $0.00

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Custom Frosted Borosilicate UV Shot Glass
  • $0.00

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Custom Borosilicate UV Goblet
  • $0.00

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Custom Borosilicate UV Wine Aerator
  • $0.00

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Custom Borosilicate Hurricane Glasses (Blue)
  • $0.00

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Custom Borosilicate Glass Tumblers
  • $0.00

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Custom Borosilicate Glass Cloches / Domes
  • $0.00

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Custom Hand Etched Borosilicate Large Pendant Lighting - Large
  • $0.00

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Custom Hand Etched Pendant Lighting w/ Colored Rings - Medium
  • $0.00

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Custom Borosilicate Incalmo UV Flask
  • $0.00

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Custom Borosilicate UV Whiskey Glass & Shot Glass Combo
  • $0.00


Glass Blowing in Chester County, PA

At Ivystone Studio, your local glass artist in Chester County, PA, we sell hand blown glass that makes for the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. We specialize in quartz crystal and borosilicate blown glass products that are perfect for every occasion. Each item is custom-crafted to match the style and taste of anyone with an eye for blown glass art.  

Shop online using our webpage to pick out handmade glassware that helps support local artists and adds more personality to your at-home dining and decor. We have glassware that's perfect for every drink. From decanters to bourbon glasses, chicken beakers, and wine stoppers — we make it all. 

Our Hand Blown Glass Products

As a Chester County glassblowing store, we’re proud of the versatility our local artists offer. We even provide professional silent manufacturing and large or small bottle production runs. Not to mention, we are also an authorized dealer for Skutt Kilns. 

You can find a variety of these blown glass art products in our inventory:

Quartz crystal stemware
Wine bottles and aerators
Custom engraved glasses
Water infusers
Chicken beakers
UV reactive glass
Sapphire and ruby
Customer engraving and etching
Customer fabricating
Silent manufacturing

We also welcome custom commissions. If you have an idea of something unique you want, we can help bring your vision to life. Take a look at our project flow chart before you get in contact with us at the art studio. From there, we can get started on your piece. 

Our Glass Blowing Collections 

When browsing through our blown glass products, you can find what you're looking for by filtering through the available artists and collections. Stop searching for “glass blowing near me” and check out what we have to offer at Ivystone Studio. 

Our artists:

Will Dexter
Steve Spence
Rob Wallace
Rob Scavuzzo
Greg Tomb
Anna Boothe
Nathan Gorman

Our collections:

Lab glassware repair
And more

Our collections feature pre-made or custom pieces that customers looking for unique, handcrafted glassware, bottles, and other drinkware will appreciate. In addition to stemware and bottles, we also make bespoke lighting and custom manufacturing for lighting companies. 

Purchase Hand Blown Glass From Ivystone Studio

If you have an appreciation for glass blowing and want some new stemware or other beautiful additions to your home, we have exactly what you need. From custom bottles to the uncommon rose quartz, we have it all. Every artist hand makes each custom piece to give it the unique personality its new owner will enjoy.

Purchase your new favorite piece from Ivystone Studio, the best Chester County glassblowing studio.