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Custom Metal Fabrication

While Ivystone Studio specializes in making custom glass blowing ideas come to life, we’ll also take care of your custom metal fabrication needs and strive to match your vision to a tee.

When searching for metal fabricators near you, look no further than Ivystone Studio, located in Downingtown, PA. What sets us apart from regular metal fabricators is that we’re geared to take care of projects that require more exact specifications with the help of our local artists. Whether that’s a delicate metal decoration or something more complex as an architectural project, our custom metal fabrication is precisely what you’re looking for.

Here are some custom metal architectural project ideas for your home or business, which we could happily do for you.


Exterior Steel Retail Signs

An excellently crafted, aesthetically pleasing, and cleanly designed exterior steel retail sign can be the difference between gaining a loyal customer for your business and losing them to a competitor next door. Luckily, the artists at Ivystone Studio can help.

Appearances matter and you want to make an excellent first impression. Whether you’ve just opened your brand new business or looking to update its looks, Ivystone Studios can gladly craft an excellent, inspiring design for you.

Table Bases & Legs

While it could be easy to cheap out and settle for basic, wooden table bases or legs, your space’s overall aesthetic can be excellently complemented by incorporating steel versions into your tables’ designs.

While cheaper options might be more economical at first glance, this might not be the case in the long run, as they’re bound to require at least some maintenance and are susceptible to damage. Custom creations from local artists are the best way to go.

Custom Architectural Projects

With our team of local artists who are experienced and passionate about their craft, everything is possible. So if you have an idea in mind for a larger architectural project and need custom metal fabrication, we’re well-equipped to help. 

Whether it’s a gorgeous piece of art you’re looking for or need something practical to improve your space’s functionality, you’ll find a solution with Ivystone artists.

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