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Silver Maple & Clear Epoxy Headboard
  • $4,200.00

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Black Walnut Dining Table w/ Blue Epoxy & Custom Steel Legs #2
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Black Walnut Dining Table w/ Blue Epoxy & Custom Steel Legs #1
  • $0.00

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Black Walnut Coffee Table w/ Blue Epoxy & Custom Steel Legs
  • $0.00

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Custom Silver Maple Couch Runner w/Epoxy Pour & Custom Steel Base
  • $0.00

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Spalted Sycamore w/Burl & Epoxy Barn Door
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Custom Black Walnut & Epoxy Table Set
  • $0.00

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Custom Spalted Maple Corner Table
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Custom White Oak & Epoxy Coffee Table
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Custom Black Walnut CD Rack
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Custom Black Walnut Sliding Barn Doors
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Rare & Reclaimed custom woodcraft furniture in Downingtown. Browse our past works and request custom woodworking here. 


Custom Woodcraft in Downingtown, PA 

The home decorating process is an exciting time that allows us to express ourselves through different types of furniture. A great way to nail the look we're going for is through custom woodworking. 

Ivystone Studio, a local art gallery and woodworking shop in Downingtown, PA builds and sells unique pieces of wood furniture, such as a farmhouse dining table, to give your home, office or personal space a look that can't be replicated. 

Excellent Artistry 

If you've just moved into a new home or simply want to spruce up your area, custom woodcraft offers a few benefits over buying pre-made furniture from the shop.. 

For starters, each one of our pieces has unique characteristics that stand out from the average store bought furniture. We're an art studio that develops the following pieces of furniture for home or office use: 

Rustic Dining Tables
Farmhouse Tables
Conference tables
Solid wood coffee tables
Accent tables
Bar tops
Barnwood wood beams
Reclaimed wood
Spinning Walls

    Through our unique artistry, we guarantee you won't find a piece just like the creations of our skilled woodwork experts. All of our pieces can also be custom made to your liking. 

    Highly Skilled Carpenters 

    A piece of custom wood furniture is only as great as the carpenter building it! At Ivystone Studio we take pride in our talented team of custom woodworking experts that bring client ideas to life. With us, you'll receive high-quality craftsmanship from a team of experienced professionals. 

    Don't settle for machine made items and add some character to your home. Our team of carpenters are highly skilled and can handle any project big or small. We work with clients, interior designers, and professional builders to make custom woodwork that will add value to your home. 

    Whether you need a modern farmhouse dining table or barnwood wood beams, give us a call.

    Our Artists

    Pete Meltzer
    Brian Cesario
    Ed Cunius

    Bok Read
    Slab Lab

      Durable Custom Wood Furniture 

      At Ivystone Studio, our custom woodworking projects are completed using highly-sourced materials. We use high-quality raw wood including cherry, birch, walnut, and oak. We are also proud to be an authorized dealer to sell the wood type, Osmo.

      Each custom wood furniture piece is made so it will last a lifetime and can even be passed down to future generations. We dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to any project and are excited to bring client visions to life! 

      Custom Woodcraft in Downingtown — Call Ivystone Studio Today! 

      During the custom woodcraft consultation process, we will keenly listen to your idea, make a simulation of the woodwork plan and give you a free quote. We always verify all measurements before we begin working on a project to avoid time and material wastage.

      Contact us today to book a consultation. Our friendly staff will respond to your questions and help you get the services you need within the shortest time possible.

      Let us build your farmhouse dining table or custom woodcraft piece in Downingtown, PA today!