Glass Blowing and Woodworking Classes in Chester County PA

Want to learn glass blowing, buy some incredible pieces from local artists, or even stay for a night in a cozy Airbnb? Ivystone has everything you're looking for. 

Unique Gallery Space

Ivystone Studio is a true hub for artists and art lovers alike. We enjoy being able to showcase unique local artists in our gallery. 

In addition to showing off unique art and providing a way for our local artists to sell their work, we also host shows, events, and art demos in our contemporary gallery space. An on-site Airbnb is even available for those who are traveling from out of town and wanting to be truly immersed in a world of art. 

Glass Blowing Lessons

glass blowing classes in chester county, pa

Ivystone is passionate about introducing various artistic methods to anyone willing to learn. If you've ever wondered, “Are there glass blowing classes near me?" you're in luck. 

Ivystone is proud to offer both glass blowing lessons to groups who are interested in the process and private lessons. You can learn the art alongside your family, friends, or even colleagues. 

Our expert instructor will walk your group through each step of the glass blowing process, from choosing your design to applying color, to heating it up and inflating it with air. At the end of the day, you'll have both a new skill and a unique piece of art that you made yourself. 

Ivystone also offers a glass blowing apprenticeship to individuals. A glass blowing apprenticeship allows for a better understanding of technique and is a great opportunity if you're looking into becoming a glass-blowing artist yourself. 

Woodworking Lessons

If glass isn't your preferred material, Ivystone also offers a woodworking apprenticeship. As an artistic method, there is a lot that goes into woodworking. Depending on your style and the type of woodworking art you want to create, you will need to learn techniques such as :

  • Jointing
  • Planing
  • Routing
  • Sawing, and
  • Finishing

There are also a wide variety of tools to learn how to use. Each of these has its own unique purpose and required skills. The art takes time to master, which is why we offer a woodworking apprenticeship, right here in Downingtown, PA. 

Not to worry; if you want to take just one woodworking class for fun with friends or family, you can do that too! At Ivystone, we're happy to offer these fun one-time experiences. 

Learn More about Visiting Ivystone

Whether you've been searching for “glass blowing classes near me” or simply want to take a look at our gallery, you can learn more by contacting us today! No matter what your artistic preferences are, you'll be able to find art that you will enjoy in our gallery. Our studio along with our Airbnb is the ideal spot for your next outing.